The Macedonian-American Cultural and Educational Center in Chicago is organized exclusively for cultural, educational and charitable purposes, more specifically to preserve and strengthen the Macedonian identity and its values through engaging the Macedonian community in culturally rich and generationally diverse educational services, while expanding the community’s role in becoming a greater global participant.

Our vision is to create a collaborative environment where both those of Macedonian descent, and those not, can participate in the Center’s activities, events, classes, and fundraisers. The MACE Center is also dedicated to embracing the diverse communities of the greater Chicago area and Northwest Indiana by partnering with local as well as nationwide organizations.

Our Goals

  • Chronicle and describe the uniqueness of the Macedonian American cultural experience.
  • Support fellow members of the Diaspora.
  • Promote public interest about Macedonia.
  • Facilitate and encourage the presentation of Macedonian history and traditions.
  • Partner with members outside of the Macedonian community to strengthen ties and create a mutually respectful relationship.
  • Establish and maintain a permanent center that could include a library, museum, and concert hall.
  • Strive to discover innovative programs and methods of promoting Macedonian culture.
  • Other goals consistent with the mission statement.

Future Projects

As MACE Center continues to grow and expand, we will be focusing on projects that will both contribute positively to the community, as well as increase membership. Some of our upcoming projects include:

  • Gathering resources for newly arrived Macedonians into a central location for easy access
  • Promoting the Macedonian language, folklore, and traditional and contemporary arts
  • Promoting Macedonian artists and cultural workers
  • Creating a database of Macedonians in Chicago for both personal and professional networking
  • Additional projects that align with the mission and objectives of the Center
  • Macedonian Film Festival promoting the latest films produced in Macedonian cinema

In order to execute these projects, we need active participation from the Macedonian-American community, as well as members of the MACE Center. If any of these projects interest you, if you have other project ideas, or you would simply like more information, please contact us at